Our Mission & Vision

Nu-Rejime provides high quality specialty accessory cosmetic products that enhance and solve current issues that cosmetic users experience today!

Our goal is to create products that are healthier for you and that make your life better and at the same time reduce and/or eliminate the frustration that lipsticks have caused for years.

Our vision is to introduce our incredible lipstick and eyebrow sealers to the women of America and prove to you that our product is superior and will eliminate the frustration of reapplying lip color throughout the day, a problem that is inherent with almost all lipsticks. Our Eyebrow Sealer provides the same quality experience with ingredients that are not harmful to the skin.


Our Story

Karlyn, the founder and creator of lipstick sealer and Nu-Rejime Cosmetics, was tired of reapplying her lip color throughout the day. she was fed up with the smearing, smudging and lip prints on cups and napkins after a meal. She said, "there must to be a better way." She searched out chemists that could help her create a product that was easy to use and easy to carry in a purse and most importantly, a product that was natural and healthier for women to use.

You know the rest of the story. Karlyn found the chemist and was able to create a superior product that accomplished her goals. In 1992 we shipped our first order of Lipstick Sealer to Nordstrom stores in California. Now you know the rest of the story...

Nu-Rejime created "The Original" Lipstick Sealer in 1990. We have made the original formula even better. It's easy to apply and it will last all day long. LIP COLOR THAT LASTS!

The "original lipstick sealer" was created to stop lipstick from bleeding, smearing and smudging. Lip color will last all day with one application. Once sold in Southern California Nordstrom Department stores, fine salons and other quality stores. Now buy direct from Nu-Rejime!

Nu-Rejime provides high quality specialty accessory cosmetic products that enhance and solve current issues that cosmetic users experience today!

Meet the Team

We are a "customer" focused team. The customer is everything to us, after all, without our first rate customers we wouldn't be a company!

We believe in great communication. Need to chat with us? Look the to right of any page and you can chat with us LIVE. Need to email us? Click on the contact us link above and send us a secured email message.

We're all about great products for our great customers. To all of our current customers, Thank you for your loyalty over the years. To those who are considering our company and products for yourselves, we hope you become part of our growing family!

Meet our team below...


Karlyn Rhodes - McCarroll

Founder - Creator
Director of Sales & Marketing

Karlyn has been involved in the business community as a business owner, creator of cosmetics, trainer and mentor since 1978. She founded Nu-Rejime Skin Care and Cosmetics in 1990 and at one time inventoried over 300 individual skin care and cosmetic products categories. Lipstick Sealer stole the show over the years because of customer demand.


Stephan McCarroll

Director of Customer Service

Stephan was involved in the Financial and Estate Planning industry for over 25 years. He has been involved in the business community since 1984. Stephan has managed sales teams in financial planning, shopper magizines, owned various companies and understands how to serve customers and their needs.

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