About Lipstick Sealer

Nu-Rejime© created "The Original" Lipstick Sealer© in 1990. It was created to keep lipstick color on longer, stop the bleeding, smearing, and smudging. Today we have made the original formula even better.

Because Nu-Rejime© Lipstick Sealer© is clear; NOT A STAIN, it does not dry the lips, and works with 85% of lipsticks on the market.Nu-Rejime© Lipstick Sealer is easy to apply and will last all-day with the very first application!

Nu-Rejime© Lipstick Sealer will keep lipstick ON THE LIPS and lasting throughout the day. It’s been said by those using Nu-Rejime© Lipstick Sealer©; because lipstick color last longer, they now are purchasing more lipstick colors and have a variety of colors to choose from.

Enjoy lipstick color that lasts throughout the day with the very first application of Nu-Rejime© Lipstick Sealer; once sold in Southern California Nordstrom Department stores, fine salons and other quality stores. Now buy Nu-Rejime© Lipstick Sealer© direct from Nu-Rejime©!


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