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The Original Lipstick Sealer… Awesome!

Back in the 90’s we created Lipstick Sealer. We were fortunate to sell it into Nordstrom Department Stores in Southern California. It was a huge success. We started selling Lipstick Sealer into salons as well. In 2016 we had our chemist begin working on a formula that would be more convenient to apply. We did it and our customers are in love with Lipstick Sealer again. We’re excited to be bringing it back in 2017 and moving forward we see great things for Nu-Rejime and our valued customers!

Stephan McCarroll
July 1, 2018

Lipstick Sealer is a Fabulous Product!

Never been a big lipstick girl, because I couldn’t remember to keep applying it. Now with this fabulous product, I wear it just like a proud customer and user of cosmetics. I love Lipstick Sealer! Thank you so much for making my smile prettier. This is a huge discovery for me Karlyn.

Rhee Sutton
North Carolina
July 1, 2018

I Love Lipstick Sealer

I purchased Lipstick Sealer from Nu-Rejime and absolutely love the product. Have reordered as well. Outstanding product!

Ashley Stanford-Lloyd
January 1, 2017